Handmade Textile Goods

The term “needle arts” refers to

fiber and needle handwork. This

includes different types of sewing

along with needle felting, braided

rugs, knitting, crochet, ribbon work

and beading. Whatever the reason,

learning one or more of the needle

arts has value for someone with or

without sight.

You can do Needle Arts without sight!

Experiencing vision loss does not need to keep a person from enjoying hands-on creativity with Needle Arts.

With a good working knowledge of adaptive blind techniques, a visually impaired person can make pieces competently and safely, and produce beautiful projects.

This Needle Arts with Vision Loss series may be used as a teaching guide for those who are interested in teaching the visually impaired any of the adaptive needle arts techniques. Newly blind experienced needle artists may also use this resource.

My hope is the adaptive techniques I share here will give those with a visual impairment and their teachers a springboard to tackle any Needle Arts project they might otherwise have thought impossible.

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