2014 Fall Fashion Descriptions


As I mentioned a year ago, I share current fashion colors, styles, designs and fabrics with my visually impaired students. This year I did let the Spring/Summer pass by without description on this website. I am not letting this Fall pass by since some of my favorite colors and fabrics are available. Men, I am including men’s fashion also in this blog.

For the women this Fall 2014 is much the same as last year. Again Classic styles are seen influenced by themes of past decades of mostly 80’s and 90’s, along with Bohemian or free-spirited and modern classic minimalism themes. In addition to a twist in color combinations and modern textile weaves. There is something to be found for whatever style one desires to put together from different texture combinations, simple lines or layers, draped or structured, tailored or roomy, slim or full, short or long, as last year.

Some differences from last year:

Colors – Neutral tones in more ranges of grey (charcoal, ash, dove, slate and more), dark navy, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, camel, pea green and loden green; “electric” or bright colors of caution yellow, blood orange or tangerine, lime green (not the emerald or malachite of last year), cobalt blue, blue turquoise, fuchsia, cherry red; Jewel tones of cranberry, hot pink, spruce green, teal, blue-purple orchid, honey mustard, burgundy wine, crimson blood red; the classic soft tones of nude beige, nude peach, ice blue, lilac and lavender.


Prints- Color blocking with brights plus grey or black; Black and white or bright colors in large bold classic prints or geometric prints or plaids in houndstooth, animal prints continue with leopard and snake dominating.


Details – textures or soft, hardware such as buckle or stud details, jewel embellishments, embroidery embellishments, rose gold, silver, gold, crochet, beading, and detachable collars for sweaters. Hem lengths are similar to last year from mid-thigh to the ankle, asymmetrical hem lengths for tops/tunics or jackets. Besides the classic winter necklines of the past add the boat neck or ballet neckline in sweaters more often seen in the spring fashion.


Fabrics- Layering different types and weights along with mixing textures continues; wool, cashmere, fur, cottons, waxed cotton, blends of natural fibers with each other and other man-made fibers, viscose or rayon (two names for the same thing), knits, jerseys, velveteen, lace, quilted fabric, leather or faux-leather and as last year neoprene.


Garment Pieces- are less over-sized than last year; Jump suits; coat dresses; sweater dresses; A-line dresses; shirt-dress/tunic; tunic tops; pleated fabric culottes; menswear suits with a modern twist in the jacket details and skirt with slits or asymmetrical hem along with ankle trousers; wider leg trousers; sweatshirt style trousers out of leather or other types of fabrics. Sweaters are longer and boxier than last year, Fair Isle and cable sweaters. If you choose to continue wearing the leggings or tights Please wear them with the longer sweaters and tunics not the shorter lengths! Shorter skirt lengths also look good with the leggings.


Outerwear- Down puffy jackets, coats or vests, along with fur or wool coating with similar details to last year without as big shoulders; and ponchos.


Accessories- Footwear: Fishnet stockings of medium to large pattern, tights, and cashmere blend socks.

Shoes- leather, calf-hair or textiles; pointed toes, t-straps, ankle straps, kitten heels, cone shaped heels, stacked heels, chunky heels, spike heels; added embellishments; booties or ankle boots, mid-calf boots, tall boots or over the knee boots in textured leather mixed with elastic for those thick calves; athletic shoes of custom colors, classic sneakers, buckle embellished flats join the ballet flat.

Handbags: classic, structured geometric shapes, over-sized to small or mini-sized, fringe, top-handle to cross-body strap (carried as a clutch with strap around wrist), vintage feel.

Jewelry: Silver, gold and rose gold

Scarves: large ones worn around the neck and over the shoulders as a shawl with ends hanging down past waist to be belted to stay in place; appearing in the front similar to a belted vest.


For the Men:

Colors- Neutrals in classic category: camel, grey, milk chocolate, taupe, ivory; other colors: olive green, steel blue, mustard, rust or copper, pine green, claret wine, navy, plum; Bright colors: orange, lime green, caution yellow, salmon, lapis blue, orange and cranberry red.


Color themes- Black and white combo, Monochromatic in the colors of the season, camouflage with a sophisticated urban twist, checks and plaids.


Details and Fabric- Fur trim-coat collars, coats, hats, boots; flannel fabric; patterns of plaid or intarsia in knits; tweeds; wools; tailored, quilted fabric, sweatshirt style in color blocking of more than one type textile.


Outerwear- down filled puffy quilted jackets, coats, vests paired with slim jeans and sneakers; shearling jacket or long coat; bomber jacket and black leather biker jackets.


Garments- longer knit sweaters, Turtle or rolled neck sweaters; overshirt (could be worn as a jacket or shirt), plaid shirts, jeans, sweatshirt style and sweatpants style in fabrics other than knit (not what one would wear to the gym though), slim slacks with hem at the ankle; blazers; dark chocolate brown in evening wear suits.


Accessories- Shoes: sneakers, boots; watches in rose gold,

Large duffel bag, felt fedora hat, handkerchiefs, leather belts


Use this info as a springboard to find whatever you want for your personal style and for asking questions as you shop. Have fun with continuing to be creative with textiles and color in spite of what you are able to visually see.