Looking at this season’s fashions and reading what I wrote last year, “Looks for Fall/Winter 2015”, there is little  difference from last year in fabric types, texture, weaves and layering. Even the same past decades and global folkloric influences are seen in the details and styles. More of the casual look of the street scene and athletic wear is seen in the high fashion world. So it appears high fashion is going with the folk who have the attitude of wearing what one wants when one wants. Although, I caution it is important to wear what is the culture of ones work place. And keep in mind the traditional appropriate dress for occasions such as job interviews, funerals, weddings and places of worship. Once again, one can most likely find or make whatever one is looking for any particular lifestyle.

Capsule/essentials wardrobe dressing is a basic wardrobe of pieces to wear during a particular season or pieces you wear all year long for all seasons. Other pieces along with accessories can be added for more options in ones wardrobe. There are apps available to help with building capsule wardrobes. I am not sure how blind friendly the apps are. Let me know what you think, if any of you are using the apps.

Colors- There is mixing of cool and warm color tones seen in men and women’s fashions. The 10 Pantone warm and cool colors influencing fashion this season are: “Riverside”, a medium blue like a clear blue lake or afternoon blue sky; “Airy Blue”, a morning sky blue or chambray/ deep baby blue; “Sharkskin”, a dolphin grey; “Aurora Red”, an orange red like the traditional Christmas red; “Warm Taupe”, the traditional taupe/ tan with pink undertones; “Dusty Cedar”, looks similar to Rose wine or Zinfandel wine; “Lush Meadow”, a dark emerald green stone; “Bodacious”, a pink-purple more pink than last years “amethyst orchid”; “Spicy Mustard”, more vibrant than last year and more like non-metallic gold; ”Potter’s Clay”, a rust orange. Speaking from experience, I caution wearing a lot of the latter two colors. Because few people can wear them without folks asking if you feel ok, since you may appear sickly. Metallic colors of bronze, copper, rose gold, silver, pewter and gold are seen this season. Other color variations I have seen are oregano green, green-grey, blue-grey, light grey-stone, winter white or cream, camel, dark chocolate brown to espresso, burgundy/port, to light salmon-pink, cinnamon, teal, navy, and black.

Prints and Details- Plaids, florals, stripes and color blocking seem to be dominant in prints. Detailing with leather, fur or shearling, zippers, ruffles, ribbing, cables, lace, embroidery, lazar cut designs, fabric manipulation and mixing textures.

Fabrics of leather, fur or faux fur, shearling, cashmere, wool, merino wool and boiled wool, mohair, cottons in weaves or knits, crepe, velvets, velveteen; blending and texturizing the fibers.

Styles and elements- Modern-classic, street scene, bohemian or global ethnic; geometric or architectural; boxy; asymmetrical or knee to long hems; layering of tops, vests and jackets in waist to high hip to thigh to mid-calf lengths over dresses or skirts or slacks or leggings; mixing the short and long.

Pay attention to proportion and balance with the geometric or architectural designs when layering. Also, wear leggings with tunic or below hip length not a short top. If a short top is worn do the layered look in similar weights of fabric by adding the shorter top over the longer top.

Slacks- present as snug or contoured fit in legs to wide legged with lengths ankle or mid-calf or skimming the top of shoe; lantern pant or wide leg curved in above the hem. In suits, longer jackets are with full slacks. Jumpsuits and rompers are still around. Rompers in heavier fabrics are worn with textured stockings or tights under long slim coats or vests.

Tops- Tanks & cami’s are layered with full shirts or tunics having uneven hems; knit tops and sweaters show architectural hems. Meaning the back hem is longer by a few inches so there are often side slits.

Skirts show pencil, full or A-line shapes.

Dresses are knee to mid-calf length. T-dresses and sweater dresses show straight or fit at the top with a flared skirt.

Outerwear show waist to maxi lengths; collars that stand up or notched or collarless, hoods or hoodless, puffer, cocoon, A-line or straight styles, sashed with a belt or not. Slim poncho’s. Jackets show architectural hems, bomber, anorak and puffer.

Footwear- details of zippers, laces, buckles, fur, bows, fringe, crochet, embroidery, calf hair and leopard prints; pointed toe or round toe; heels ranging from flat to 3-inches, spikes to square-block looks. Mule or “slipper” is a backless and closed toe shoe found in flats, oxford style as well as high heels. Some retailers are using the term “slide”, which is an open toe and backless shoe. So when shopping, especially on line, clarify details whether it is a true mule or slide.There is a large selection of flats from ballet style to more dressy- elegant types with or without ankle straps; to Mary Jane flats, a shoe with one or more straps over the top of the foot. There’s lace up and none lace oxfords and thick sole loafers. The “d’orsay”, is any shoe that has both sides or the inside of the shoe cut away to reveal the arch and side of the foot. This latter style is in flats, heels even oxfords…a great style for short people to elongate the leg. Boots range from thigh high to ankles or “booties” including rain and cold weather boots. “Chelsea boots” are flat heel, close-fitting and ankle high with elastic side panel. Sneakers will have laces or zippers and are high or low cut at the ankles.

Accessories This is the season to find tights and socks in wool, cashmere or blends of these fibers with other fibers. Yes, if you want to splurge on some cashmere-silk blend tights, Wolford is the brand. For most of us cotton blend tights will suffice and fit in the budget. Tights can be ribbed or have other designs in them. Cashmere or wool socks can be found in ankle or mid-calf or knee-high lengths. For great wool blend socks including low cut socks, Smartwool is a good brand found at sporting goods and clothing stores. What I call peds are now named liner socks found in blends of wool or cotton or microfibers.

Scarves, wraps or stoles are of knit, wool, silk, cashmere and fur including infinity scarves; and fur bow collars.

Gloves are in long and short lengths in leather or knit, cashmere, tech (so you can still use your smart phone with your gloves on), fur or a blend of materials; and fingerless mittens.

Hats- Felt fedora’s or oversized fedora’s and felt cloche; fur and knit hats, beanies; berets, aviator hats; and fur earmuffs

Belts- leather narrow to 21/2-inches

Jewelry- choker necklaces, delicate or heavy chain necklaces with jewel stones, narrow cuff bracelets, stud and dangling or drop earrings, and large-face wristwatches

Eyeglasses are seen in aviator, cat eye, oversized, round or square shapes with lenses in a range of colors and in mirrored lensed, in frames of metal, plastic or mixed materials.

Enjoy adding new items of color or texture to your current wardrobe for a more expressive style.