2016 National Sewing Month

Logo for September National Sewing Month Sew for the experience of it NationalSewingMonth.org http://www.NationalSewingMonth.org

The logo has denim blue background with two parallel lines of yellow and orange ric-rac. Above the ric-rac on the right is a lighter blue 6-petal flower with a orange button center. White, yellow and orange above mentioned print overlay the previous mentioned design.

I have been taking a break from writing, although not sewing and knitting. Wanted to share the above resource for those of you needing some inspiration or encouragement to sew as we head into the Fall season. Enjoy connecting this month with others who like to sew as you do. Just had a neighbor over yesterday to sew together on some projects myself. Will be sharing more in the next weeks regarding my sewing projects.

Keep on stitching with or without sight.