comparing sides for length

This photo shows I compared the mohair sweater sides with my original sweater pattern inspiration for my desired length. Once I got the desired side length, I continued in the round to keep the pattern of the greens. Imagine a picture of rolling hills with shadows and mist flowing within the lush green rolling hills filled with blue-greens plus a hint of yellow-greens.

To not have dropped shoulders in the sweater, I compared measurements of the new sweater with my bust and shoulders. Figured I needed to cast off/decrease stitches at each side marking. I continued to knit in the round adding a purl stitch at the placement of the side safety pin/yarn markings. This helps locate the armhole placement for later. The purl stitch is very important.

continuation of knitting in the round after armhole decrease

Continuation of knitting in the round after armhole decrease + purl stitch armhole placement

I continued knitting in the round making the purl stitch at the armhole placement up to the beginning of neck and shoulders. I marked the beginning and end of the shoulder stitches with safety pins. Next I sewed around the purl stitching. To be discussed in my next post in detail. For now, you can see the beautiful rolling hills with mist pattern that is taking shape with the colors in this photo.

ready to do the armholes

Have fun knitting your projects with or without sight!