I am elated to find a vender selling my favorite needle threader!

I wanted to give the metal 4-inch-looped-needle-threader to those who attended my book launching party this past March, yet discovered the venders no longer carried them. I was so sad. This morning I found my source and immediately ordered a bunch. The best part is they are on sale! You can find them at http://www.wawak.com/Dritz-Looped-Needle-Threaders-6-Pack

You may ask, “Why are these your favorite needle threader?” This threader has more than one use for me. Besides using this threader for threading needles, I like using them for beading and sewing beads onto a garment. The 4-inch-looped-needle-threader makes threading a sewing machine needle easier when threading the needle from front to back. They are also fine enough to use when threading the fine hand sewing needles for hand sewing. The plastic looped threader or dental floss threader is not fine enough for many eyes of sewing needles.

There are detailed instructions for using needle threaders non-visually in my Needle Arts With Vision Loss books. Access the links for the books on the Book Series page of my site. Also, go to the Q & A Needle threading posts of my blog.

Now I am waiting to receive these threaders in the mail. If they are like ones I used before, when I drop them I can find them with a magnet; like I find my pins and needles when they drop.

I look forward to replenishing my threader stash and continuing to thread needles and stitch with no slow downs.

Keep on enjoying needle arts without sight.