2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Descriptions

Spring is my favorite time of year with new flowers, birds chirping with much song in my garden, along with more daylight and warmer weather. These changes in season influence fashion colors and textiles. Although in the San Francisco Bay Area’s moderate climate, many items are worn year round, layering pieces with other pieces for added warmth. Still it is fun to add at least one fresh color or new garment to my wardrobe. I enjoy sharing with my visually impaired students what they may find in the stores. So, use this info as a springboard to find whatever you want for your personal style and for asking questions as you shop. Also, my books have details for describing colors and prints for someone visually impaired.

Colors: The dominant colors found in clothing for women and men this season are a few cool hues mixed with warm tones. Since I am seeing most the dominant colors in both men and women’s clothing or accessories, I am listing them together. Neutral tones in white, classic marine blue, marsala wine (a red-brown), tan/toasted almond (close to the classic soft tones of nude beige/nude peach), light cement grey or medium grey of titanium. Blues in numerous shades, as found in the Mediterranean or Caribbean oceans- aquamarine, classic marine blue, blue turquoise, along with indigo, chambray/sky blue and ice blue. Add pink coral, peachy-beige/sandstone, custard yellow, mint or light seaglass green, spruce/forest green, loden green, olive green, and a red-purple lavender. For the women there are still bright colors, yet less electric than the past fall season; brights, such as lemon yellow, tangerine, the inner-lime green, pinks and cherry red.

For Women

Silhouettes/style: Again Classic styles are seen influenced by themes of past decades of mostly 70’s and 80’s, along with the influence of Asian Indian or ethnic or folk or modern classic minimalism themes. The 70’s influence of fluid silhouettes, ethnic details, denim suits, flared pants with tailored jacket, culottes, or heavy lace garments will be noticed. In addition to, a twist in color combinations with modern textile textures and weaves such as burn-out cotton, along with gold or silver threads in weaves. There is something to be found for whatever style one desires to put together from various texture combinations, layers or simple lines, fringe or no fringe, draped or structured, tailored or roomy, slim or full, short or long.

Color Schemes: All white with a pop of color from an accessory. Black and white adding brights of yellow, red, blue, or green multi-color diagonal and vertical stripes, thick or thin stripes put together in garments and accessories. Or stripes in a nautical theme with white and blue, or green or another color. Layered textures of different blues adding another color. Denim and marsala with gold; cream and white; the pastels with the greys and whites.

Prints: Mixing without matching. Stripes and vibrant floral including tropical, large to small floral prints as if they are from a photo rather than stylized. Artistic prints, of brush stroke, graffiti or digital impressions, some with blurred effects. Retro bold color prints, mixed prints, ethnic prints, gingham, animal prints and color blocking. Color blocking, meaning rectangles or panels of solid colors put together showing a panel of geometric shapes with 2 or more colors. This continues from the Fall with a change in color choices such as beige with navy and yellow. Gingham prints are used in fresh ways such as a bodice or boxy crop top with a solid skirt or with pen stripe large grid print or with stripes of a different proportion. Animal prints such as python skin in accessories or stylized on the garment fabric. Polka dots large to small can also be found.

Fabrics: Medium to light weights of cotton, linen, silk, blends of these natural fibers, and mixed with man made fibers or metallic threads of gold and silver. Man made fibers such as rayon, bamboo, polyester, elastin or neoprene. These fabrics are in knits and weaves. Weaves of satin, basket, jacquard, voile, lawn, gossamer, organza and organdy. Texture is seen in basket weaves, jacquards, brocade, summer tweeds, burn-out fibers, laser-cut, embroidery, lace, eyelet, crochet or tapestry-printed.

Details: Hems of tops and dresses are asymmetrical with the front being shorter than the back or asymmetrical length in the front on around toward the back. Ethnic or folkloric embroidery can be found on garments such as on shirts, jeans and dresses. Crochet and lace details are as accents or full garments. Patchwork and fringe are other details found in accessories and garments. Also, leather or colored suede are made into jackets, shirts and accessories. Gold, silver, rose gold, and bronze are metal accents.

Garment Pieces: Shirtdresses short or long in length, short or long dresses with asymmetrical hems. white shirt, blouses with empire seams, cropped boxy tops, and striped nautical tops. Bermuda shorts, long culottes or wide leg cropped pants in a pleated or non-pleat style, high-waist trousers, white or grey jeans or capris, ankle length jeans and slacks, slacks or jeans styled in skinny leg to mild boot cut, rompers or a one-piece short with bodice piece. A layered look with the lighter weight fabrics in short dresses worn as tunics over slim jeans or leggings and midi length culottes. Asymmetrical skirts mid-thigh or above the knee, full or pencil skirts, Gingham suits of a classic jacket and pencil skirt. Dropped shouldered sweaters with angled hems.

Outer Wear: Collarless and sleeveless jackets, cropped jean jackets, long tailored jackets, belted or no belts with the jackets; light weight anoraks or lightweight classic trench coats; dusters or lightweight long coats with or without sleeves and maxi cardigans.

Accessories:Footwear- strappy sandals with flat or spike heels, athletic shoes, flat platform sandal, suede sandals, variations on the old Birkenstock’s

Handbags- Bucket bag, bags large to small in rectangle or geometric shapes from totes or satchels to clutches made of woven leather or solid leather, pleather, canvas, raffia or these materials mixed.

Jewelry and Scarves- Fluid-drapey cotton blend scarves with the above-mentioned colors and prints. Long layering of delicate gold chains, usually 3 different lengths with a single charm on one or two; chunky short collar like necklaces of semi-precious stones or costume jewels, leather bands on wristwatches. Sunglasses are large with multi-colors or dark solid colors in frames of plastic or metal or the two materials mixed in shapes of aviator or round.

For Men

Styles: 70’s influence, traditional tailoring and refined casual or preppy, sporty or athletic, more slim fit than oversized fit.

Prints: Tropical prints or solids or horizontal and vertical stripes thick or thin in the above-mentioned colors; stripes of different proportions worn together and subtle plaids.

Fabrics: Denim of light to medium weight in all shades of blue, sheen in suit fabrics of solids or subtle plaids and stripes, leather, heavy to light weight woven and knit cottons or blends.

Details: narrow to medium width, notched or shawl collar on suit jacket; heavy cotton front pocket jackets (an updated safari jacket); collarless leather slimmed down bomber jacket; sleeveless jackets; 1.5-2 inches wide leather belts or web belts. Narrow tie with the narrow width jacket collars.

Garment Pieces: Sporty influence in referee style jerseys, mesh, Henley’s or golfer shirts; sky blue or chambray oxford shirt; cardigan or crew neck pull-over sweaters, Non-pleated straight legged slacks, single and double breasted suit jackets with or without matching slacks, shiny single breasted suits. Washed or light-weight denim jacket to wear as a shirt or to fit snugly over another shirt, layering with other jackets or trench coats and bomber jacket style or multi-color biker jacket.

Combine a white crew neck t-shirt, navy chinos or slim jeans with a jean jacket layered with a tan leather bomber jacket adding a neck scarf and sockless loafers. Combine a summer tweed jacket with a chambray shirt or plaid shirt with a wider belt without the western buckle, slim navy jeans or chinos and a felt hat. Bermuda shorts wear with cotton pullover sweaters or oversized shirts or slim white or colorful crew neck T-shirts.

Formal wear: white tuxedo jacket with shawl or notched collar in white or black or both colors worn with navy or black slim slacks.

Accessories: Neck scarves; watches with added watch features on wristbands of silver, leather or plastic.

Footwear- brown leather lace-up low-top shoe or brogue, black oxford, suede or fabric loafers, white low-top sneakers, Birkenstock style sandal.

Have fun layering, being creative with textiles, texture and color in spite of what you are able to visually see.