My favorite Needle Arts magazines is “Threads” published by Taunton Press. After I shared about Petersham ribbon last week I received the April/May 2016 “Threads” with a inspiring article sharing more uses for the ribbon. “Threads” phone number is 203-426-8171.

Count on February’s Stitches West conference Marketplace for much inspiration with it’s tremendous selection of knitting, crochet, and weaving supplies. What I discovered:

Non-profits who could use knitters and crocheters skills-

Alice’s Embrace , is a non-profit organization that provides hand knit and hand crochet blankets and shawls for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They accept prayer shawls and lap blankets from volunteers who knit or crochet in addition to donations. Patterns are available on their site and they work in cooperation with some knitting shops. They distribute the shawls.

knitted knockers , has patterns for soft comfortable, knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. They connect volunteer knitters and crocheters with breast cancer survivors to offer free knockers.

Needle Arts Mentoring Program sponsored by the National NeedleArts Associsation with a mission of “Stitching Generations Together”. They provide resources and tools/kits for creating community partnerships between adults and youth. Supply kits are available for knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, spinning and weaving.

Vendors with products I like-

Hexagonal Knitting Needles made by Indian Lake Artisans , reminded me of the old fashion yellow pencils I used to teach my niece and nephew to knit with when we had no knitting needles. I chose the cherry wood although they also have the needles in walnut and maple in circular or straight. I like the point of these needles and prefer the feel of wood or bamboo needles over the metal.

It was wonderful to see Tim Arnold of Saw Dust Company, , who makes beautiful shaker boxes for sewing and knitting. The box I got from him a few years ago is functional, yet, so beautiful. It is an art piece!

Sequence Knitting: Simple Methods for Creating Complex Fabrics by Cecelia Campochiaro, a book I have mentioned in a previous blog was my major purchase. I look forward to exploring some of her techniques for simple stitch patterns that look complex and are reversible. Her book is available at .

Each year I look forward to exploring the antique buttons and jewelry Wendy Lee brings to the show. She can be reached at

MaggiKnits, Inc, , inspires me with her creative mix of texture and color of linen plus other yarns in her own designs/patterns also made into kits to knit. In May she has a tour In Ireland that incorporates a linen museum, knitting, food and sites. This is a tour I would one day like participate in for inspiration, knowledge and fun.

If I had extra to spend I would purchase some of the softest yarn around- Muskox. Considered a luxury yarn available from

Ranch Of The Oaks also has some soft yarns made from alpacas, llamas and Icelandic sheep fibers. Their rope made with these fibers make up into wonderful small rugs whether woven or knitted.

Hope you are encouraged to keep seeking out resources to inspire your work with Needle Arts.

Keep on stitching with enjoyment and creativity with or without vision in any needle art.