Stitching for most everyone, beginner or not, vision or not. Especially for those parents and individuals looking for resources to inspire what to do to occupy their time, hands, nerves, thoughts or to express their feelings of this season of time in our world through a needle art. 

All you need is a needle, needle threader, thread, a 8-inch square piece of fabric and knowledge of the running stitch. As described on page 74 in my Machine Sewing book. Here is a link to the current ebook sale What to Think, Do or Feel?  . Also the info is in the Braided Rug book at the end of Appendix part 1 in “Hand Stitches with Adaptive Blind Techniques”. Or in the Audio version of this book found in Book Series Menu tab at the end of Track 4.

Then you are ready to join Sue Stone and others through this link

Be inspired with others during this time using modern technology,

And keep stitching no matter what your vision is

Or the season we are living in!