Question: How does a Visually Impaired or Blind person use measuring tools if they cannot read the markings on the tool?

Some measuring tools are adapted with tactile markings or audible feedback. See Resources below.

No matter which needle art form you enjoy doing there is at least one measuring tool available to make the task less frustrating. Or make your own tactile tool with a fabric or fiberglass measuring tape along with a stapler, the instructions are given below.

Keep on enjoying needle arts without sight.

Adapting a Fabric or Fiberglass Measuring Tape

Supplies Needed:

A person with good sight to do the work for you

• Stapler and staples

• Fabric or fiberglass measuring tape

1. Place one staple on top of every inch line of the tape measure.

2. At 12-inches place one staple across the inch mark to represent one foot; making a plus sign.

3. At 24-inches place two staples across the inch mark to represent two feet. Continue to add staples across at each additional foot to represent the number of feet on the tape measure.

Enjoy using the tactile measuring tape!

Resources for other types of measuring tools:

American Printing House for the Blind,, Phone 800-223-1839. For: Braille measuring tools such as 12-inch ruler with slide marker, yardstick and other measuring tools.

Independent Living Aids,, Phone 800-537-2118. For: Talking tape measure.

National Federation of the Blind,, in their product catalog under Measuring Devices. For: Click Rule with extension rods, braille rulers and other measuring devices.