Question: Where can I meet others who like Needle Arts/sewing/textiles?

There are numerous Needle Arts Guilds and Textile Museums one can join to find friends who share your passion or interests. Also, find local sewing schools or fabric and yarn stores with classes where one can meet others.

In the USA, one can participate in the American Sewing Guild, They have conferences, chapters and neighborhood groups . In San Francisco, there is the Textile Arts Council at the De Young Fine Arts Museums. In Berkeley, Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles and their store with classes is another great place to meet others with a passion for needle arts.

There is The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) at or the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Or in the UK there is the Knitting and Crochet Guild

Those who enjoy embroidery can connect with the Embroiderers’ Guild of America’s regional groups, There are similar guilds in other countries. I find with my students silk ribbon embroidery is much easier to do than the traditional embroidery with thread. So play with the silk ribbon embroidery techniques with a free-form-pattern of flowers. Start with the wider ribbon going down to the 4mm width size.

Yes, most folk in these groups may not be familiar with adaptive techniques for the blind and visually impaired. This is why I wrote the books. You have something to share with someone who is experienced. They may be willing to learn the techniques to show you as a visually impaired person. You or they may contact me for a little coaching as well.

Keep on stitching with the joy of new found friendships and resources.