To enjoy your sewing, mending and needle arts projects it helps to have the right tools or notions. Here is a list of basics found in or with my portable sewing case and in a sewing box. Yes, I use two or more containers with basics; works well to take items on the go and still have them at home. And yes, I have more in my sewing space, yet the following list is just the basics.

If you haven’t already, have fun setting up your sewing box, basket or case for your needs. And share with me what’s in your basic sewing box.


Portable case or cosmetic bag for basic sewing tools and notions. The following have been added to this case.

My Basics:

Cutting tools: 8-inch fabric scissors, 4-inch thread/fabric scissors, 8-inch paper scissors, rotary cutter, seam ripper;

Basic thread colors: taupe, navy, white, cream, current project color

Pincushion with pins: glass-head straight pins, multiple sizes of safety pins, and office clips of several sizes

Different types and sizes of needles in a Magnetic needle case;

Thimbles: a lambskin and a metal type;

Needle threaders: 4-inch-one-step-looped” and 1-inch-wire loop with handle; Needle gripper;

Cardboard templates for hems of different widths;

Measuring tools: 6-inch hem gauge with inches marked, 12-inch braille ruler and 18-inch ruler large print ruler, Tape measure;

1.23mm Crochet hook; knit picker; Magnet; Small tray

Tray with useful notions for sighted or non-visual needs

Tray containing useful notions for sighted or non-visual folk. Labeled thread in med bottle, two types of needle threaders on magnet, 6-inch notched hem gauge, DIY tactile tape measure.