If you have read my books or taken my classes, you will know that I stress the importance of organization and things having a home. Check out the Getting Started or Appendix sections on organization in my books for more details.

Recently, I rethought my Needle Arts/Sewing Space and did some rearranging, as a result of dear ones living with me. I have gotten a bit sidetracked with purging my household after dear family members moved out and the print copy of the Machine Sewing book published.

In endeavoring to make my space more flexible for loved ones visiting, I created a Sewing/Needle Arts Nook down the hall from what was primarily my sewing room and second my guest room. The original room is now primarily the guest room and second the sewing room. I have kept the wall fold-down table in this room for cutting out large projects along with a small machine table and sewing machine. So when there is no company, I still work in the space without having to run back and forth from the cutting table to my sewing nook.


Cutting table folded down from the wall in guest room.



Cutting table folded up against wall with quilt hanging to hide the legs.

For basic key tools to be on hand in both spaces, I use a cosmetic bag that is portable. Scissors, rotary cutters and tracing wheels slip nicely into pockets originally intended for make-up brushes. The elastic holders work well for the bottles holding current project threads with bobbins and zippered pockets hold a small tray and small items, along with the magnetic “Needle safe” box for hand sewing needs.


Portable case or cosmetic bag for basic sewing tools.

To free up the sewing nook’s table area, I added more wall organizers for supplies to be in easy reach rather than going through a drawer or searching my tray or sewing table. Shoeboxes, hatboxes and baskets organize projects and supplies. I am still in the process of reorganizing and purging all the textile and needle arts supplies. Along with relabeling and labeling containers that aren’t labeled, then the reorganization will be completed.

sewing nook

Sewing Nook with all the basics plus…


Sewing Nook with added wall organization.

My goal is be flexible in accommodating household changes while continuing on with my needle arts projects.

Hopefully this will inspire you to be creative and flexible for your Needle Arts interests with the space you have.

With vision loss or not may you continue to enjoy creating in 2016.