While waiting for the final details to be completed on the first two Needle Arts books, I have kept my hands busy. Work on the machine sewing needle arts book has begun. Details on book organization along with inserting zippers and buttonholes non-visually has been my focus, as well as being a little sidetracked for inspiration.

I spent two and a half weeks seriously focused on learning to hand sew a yukata kimono (summer kimono) from persimmon dyed Kakshibu fabric. Tsuyo Onodera, a kimono making teacher from Japan, and her daughter, Maki, are a great team of teachers and creativity beyond kimono making. They and the class provided great inspiration along with a fun learning experience in Japanese traditions with textiles and sewing. Also, seeing their interpretations of old traditions used in home accessories for today, encouraged me to think more outside the box.

I encourage my own students to be life long learners. So, it has been fun passing on the inspiration of the Kimono Workshop and showing my students some results of my learning process.

Be inspired to keep on stitching.