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One of my favorite resources, Clotilde, is now part of Annie’s. This is where I buy the fine wire, “4-inch One-step Needle/Looper Threader” for threading sewing machine needles or┬áhand sewing needles and for beading. Most of my students like this threader the best for machine sewing needles.

If the threader is dropped use a magnet to find the threader. Magnets are our friend when looking for pins, needles and threaders. So you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to search, make a long handled magnet.

A hardware store has round flat magnets with a hole in the middle, dowels, screws and screw drivers. You will need one of each item. Attach the magnet onto one end of the dowel with the screw going through the hole of the magnet into the end of the dowel.

When searching for an item use small to large circular motions on the floor surface, listening and periodically checking the magnet to see what you have collected.

Hopefully, you will find these notions/tools as helpful as my students and I have.