During this season where the whole world is being asked to stay in place at their homes some may be saying what shall I do? Others, how am I feeling about this? Or, what am I thinking about this?

For myself, I have been flitting between virtually staying in contact with loved ones; praying and  listening to uplifting music or podcasts while fitting patterns on my dress form, cleaning a shelf or weeding my garden.

To motivate or help you in your sewing, try ASG.org, ThreadsMagazine.com and Seamwork.com articles or videos of instruction or to sew along with others.

Also, those of you who would like to share my Needle Arts Books with someone who needs something to do or needs a bit of motivation, the books are on sale 30% off at Smashwords till April 20th –

Shireen Irvine Perry’s Smashwords Author Profile: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/NeedleArts

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Needle Arts with Vision Loss: How to Enjoy Needle Felting Without Sight: https://smashwords.com/b/415878

Enjoy and do your Needle Arts to Stay healthy and safe.

Virtual hugs and prayers,